We simplify.- your life.

Verreaux Swiss develops products for industrial and private customers. We also offer engineering services.

We create minimalistic, yet well-designed products at highest quality.
Our guiding idea is to simplify your life.
With our products you work much easier and faster.
Save time and enjoy it the way you like.

We are responsible.

We care about the environment. From the very
beginning. In every single step.
We use resources responsibly. We avoid plastic
as much as possible.

We have passion.

We do, what we love. That’s why we love, what we do.
We stand 100% behind our products and solutions.
We strongly believe in them. Otherwise, we wouldn’t
offer them to you.

We have open eyes

We walk with open eyes, ears, and arms through the
world. We see and listen. We watch out for uncovered
needs of the market.

We are agile.

We are small and flexible.
We adapt to the markets need.
We keep the focus on you.

What is in the name?

Verreaux is a large eagle, lat. Aquila Verrauxii.
He is well known for his agility and nimbleness.
Initially chosen by coincidence, today his character is
reflected in many of our guiding principles and values.

Source: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Why us?

Extremely cost-efficient

Extremely cost-efficient

Big companies have complex structures and processes. This makes them slow and expensive. We are small and flexible. We can realize individual solutions covering your exact needs. And we are incredibly fast and cost efficient

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

The simplest solution is not always the easiest. But the best. We go the extra mile to achieve it. We believe that simple things are timeless and invaluable. We want to simplify your life.

Less, but better

Less, but better

Everyone wants quality. We all love nice things. We are minimalists. We give you less, but better.

Our Team

Shoresh MauludiFounder & Managing Director

Shoresh Mauludi is the founder and managing director of Verreaux Swiss. He is responsible for the company’s corporate strategy, product development & design, operations, marketing and sales. There is a funny story behind all that…

Aiyob MawloodiBusiness Administration

Aiyob oversees the business administration, controlling and IT. He is a management guru. Aiyob never says no. But that doesn’t necessarily mean yes either. You must remind him frequently. But what he finally does works out perfectly.




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Our Story

Alright, maybe this is how it all started… As a young boy, I wanted to be an inventor. My parents often told me to become a doctor. I didn’t particularly like doctors and hospitals. Not much has changed about this after all these years.

My grandpa does not do anything all day long, but he always has money

Many years ago, there was an advertisement on TV. A couple kids were asking each other what they wanted to become someday. One said astronaut, another doctor, engineer and so on. Suddenly they asked a one of the boys who had been quiet all the time dreaming: “Tim, what do you want to be when you’re grown up”? “Grandpa”, he said. They couldn’t understand and asked him why. “My grandpa doesn’t do anything all day long and he always has money”.

So, that was not an option for me. I had to wait a long time to become a grandpa.

Dad, what does “tourist” mean?

When I was about eight years old, a friend of my father came to visit us. He had a sports bag with him. On that bag there was a writing saying “TOURIST”. I didn’t know the word. So, I asked: “Dad, what does T O U R I S T … mean?”. I was hardly able to read it. He said: “Son, a tourist is someone who travels all over the world, discovers and learns lots of new things. “I want to be a tourist,” I replied. My father said that to do so, I had to be good at school, then go to the university and work to make money later.

It all sounded overly complicated. In my mind I was torn between inventor, grandpa, and tourist. Inventor – as I understood it at the time – was the most realistic of all the options. I always wanted to know how things worked. So, I started taking everything apart. I took every opportunity. Disassembling was often not a problem. We prefer not to talk about the condition of the devices afterwards 😉.

When I was 15, I came to Switzerland. I learned German and went to college. I did all the studies and finally became a design- and mechanical engineer.

The combination of creativity, striving for perfection with a great attention to detail and an unstoppable desire for realisation of my ideas drives me forward. I am full of ideas & plans. Now it is time to implement some.

By the way, meanwhile I have become a tourist. Part-time.