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Why another kitchen sieve?

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Too big!

Classic sieves are vey big. They take a lot of space. In the
kitchen cabinet, in the dishwasher, basically everywhere.

Washing them by hand is a hassle. Putting them into the
dishwasher fills it up very quickly. This also means waste
of energy.

Too dangerous!

The lid-types are way more space saving. But
unfortunately, most of them are made of plastic.
Plastic is not good for the environment. And it
becomes brittle and breaks.

Some are made of steel. You must hold them.
They can be hot and burn your fingers.

Too weak!

Some designers have tried a bit smarter version. This
type uses a spring to hold on the pot. Unfortunately,
the spring is very weak. The sieve falls off. This can be
dangerous. Imagine you have kids around.

Ready For
The Best?


Stay Safe

Don’t need to hold. Your hands are out of danger.

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Use the kitchen sieve to strain water from food such as pasta, rice, vegetables etc.

The sieve can be fixed on any utensil, such as pots, pans, plates, bowls and many more.

Got Space?

No Chaos in the cabinet!

Save Energy

Wash up to ten more plates. Save water, energy, and the planet.

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How it Works




One for All

Got several pots? No problem!
Our sieve covers them all.

Ø 14-22 CM

Feeling Safer…

If you feel safer when you hold it, just do it. The pads protect you from the hot surface.

Unbelievably Strong!

You don’t need to hold it. Stays fixed, no matter how much the load is.

Less is More.

Fits in everywhere. Stowe away easily!

Hang it!

Always at you reach.
Almost invisible!

Swiss Design and Quality

It is good when things work well.
It is better when they look great at
the same time.
What do you think?

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Keep Clean

Space to Work.

Clean Design

No cavities. No dirt accumulation. No bacteria. Dishwasher-safe.


Look how our sieve just springs back.

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