Plug and unplug all day long?

On Mashine tools pneumatic clamping systems are used.​
Most of them are operated manually.​
They have some serious shortcomings:​

  • Uncomfortable handling​
  • Inefficient​
  • No process reliability​
  • Excessive wear

Don’t you also think this should be better?​

Ask Operators

What do Machine Operators Need?

The tough competition and price pressure on
the market demands that machine operators
increase their productivity.​

Accordingly, they want to work quickly, safely,
and as comfortably as possible.

They don’t want to plug and unplug all day long.​
They want to…​

Push Buttons

Push Buttons Instead!

The Verreaux special valve, SV-76M, simplifies your operations.​
A tiny housing contains all functions: Clamping, releasing and air flush.​
The system is secured against unintentional opening.​
Even a pressure indicator is integrated.​
All functions are operated as simply as just pushing buttons.​

Your Benefits

Save Money
Save Time
Guarantee Process Liability​
Increase Productivity

You Save Money!

The durable valve SV-76M does not require any maintenance and lasts forever, while quick couplings wear quickly and need replacement very often.​That means real savings for you.
Quick couplings cost approx. 50EUR/unit. According to our clients, they wear fast because of the continuous plugging and unplugging. They must be replaced every three to six months. That costs you a lot of money.

You Save Time!

You save time by pushing buttons instead of plugging and unplugging all day long.

Tough One!

Worrying about heat, cooling water and metal chips?
Not a problem for the SV-76M!
While normal valves do not resist the raw conditions, the SV-76M is installed directly on the zero-clamp system inside the working space of the machine tool.

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Guaranteed Process Liability!

No electronics! No problems!
Two-hand-operation and pressure indicator make your process more save and reliable.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Maximize Your Productivity!

Ergonomic operation makes your operators happy
and boosts your productivity to the max.
See what our customers say!


Customer Is King!​

Every customer’s needs is different.​ We build the valve exactly the way you want it.
Let’s talk about your application.


Taff products for taff environment.

When I heard about the valve, I was skeptical. I mean the machine is very dirty. The many chips and the cooling water. The valve has been in there for two years now and it's still running.

Markus B. ZofingenSwitzerland

Ergonomic operation.

The constant reconnecting with the quick coupling was very tedious. It took me a long time and I got hurt a lot. Everything is easier now with the valve.

Juan G. ZurichSwitzerland

Peace of mind.

We used to have to replace couplings again and again. Since we started using the Verreaux valve, we've been having peace of mind.

Marco H. WinterthurSwitzerland

Reliable process.

Since we use the Verreaux Swiss valve, our zero-point-clamping-systems have become simpler, faster and more reliable.

Urs ZumstegSwitzerland