We Are Responsible.

We care about the environment. From the very
beginning. In every single step.
We use resources responsibly. We avoid plastic
as much as possible.

We Have Passion.

We do, what we love. That’s why we love, what we do.
We stand 100% behind our products and solutions.
We strongly believe in them. Otherwise, we wouldn’t
offer them to you.

We Have Open Eyes.

We walk with open eyes, ears, and arms through the
world. We see and listen. We watch out for uncovered
needs of the market.

We Are Agile.

We are small and flexible.
We adapt to the markets need.

We keep the focus on you.

What is in the name?

Verreaux is a large eagle, lat. Aquila Verrauxii. He is well
known for his agility and nimbleness.
Initially chosen by coincidence, today his character is
reflected in many of our guiding principles and values.