Ako MauludiCAD- Services

Ako is our youngest brother. He studied virtual design and is a creative & tech-savvy guy. Ako is not a grandpa - he works day and night but never has any money. He helps with CAD renders, and IT matters. If you need anything of the kind, feel free to contact him.

Shoresh MauludiFounder & Managing Director

Shoresh Mauludi is the founder and managing director of Verreaux Swiss. He is responsible for the company’s corporate strategy, product development & design, operations, marketing and sales. There is a funny story behind all that…

Aiyob MawloodiBusiness Administration

Aiyob oversees the business administration, controlling and IT. He is a management guru. Aiyob never says no. But that doesn’t necessarily mean yes either. You must remind him frequently. But what he finally does works out perfectly.